Your health is your wealth, and a big part of our ethos here at InspiredPlay is encouraging a healthy and active lifestyle for kids and their families.

Almost every kid has their sport – and sport offers more than just physical benefits for children. It provides mental and emotional benefits as well, teaching kids good values through the idea of fair play.

The importance of sports in our keiki’s learning can’t be underplayed.
Read on to find out why…

1. Learning soft skills⁣

Soft skills are important for everyday life and can’t be taught in school alone. Sports offer a quick way for children to learn self-discipline and organization, consistency and proper planning, teamwork and communication, working together to win. All of these skills are essential and important, especially for building a career. ⁣

2. Staying active and healthy⁣

Sports keep children healthy. Many kids spend hours sitting, so it’s important for them to get up and get moving. Research shows that fit students score almost 30% more than less-fit students on standardized tests.

3. Talent development⁣

Sports is more than just a game, it’s an avenue for kids to develop their talents. You can sign them up to a boxing gym or allow them to join the school team for their favorite sport. When these talents are found, they can be nurtured and allowed to grow and benefit your child in the future. ⁣

4. Building healthy habits⁣

Sports can have a long-term impact on kids, allowing them to build healthy habits over time – most physically active kids go on to be physically active adults. This lifelong habit can protect from some of the chronic conditions we see today, such as cardiovascular diseases and obesity. ⁣

5. Helping kids perform better academically⁣

Research shows that kids who play sports tend to perform better academically. The thought process here is that by playing sports, they allow nutrients and blood flow to get to the brain easily, which in turn increases concentration levels, thus providing an academic boost. Exercise and studying is the perfect combination.⁣ ⁣

Even without all of the benefits above, we encourage children to be engaged in sports just for the sheer enjoyment of it. Participating can help build fun memories that will be looked back on with fondness.

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